Prevention Covid 19

Given the extraordinary context, we commit ourselves to respect the "serene stay" charter to prevent Covid 19 an d to guarantee the best possible hygiene and security for all.

That's why we are committed to :

respect the official recommendations and instructions towards the fight against Covid-19;

provide documentation cleaning protocols in order to guarantee the best possible sanitary security;

have the barrier gestures and recommendations respected by everyone;

reinforce disinfection in the houses;

adapt our organisation and our cleaning procedures; 

use and make the recommended disinfectant produce available to you; 

use dematerialized ways of communication, payment and invoice;  

Together we can make sure your stay will be a pleasant and relaxing one by respecting the necessary precautions in the best possible sanitary conditions; 

you will enjoy moments of friendliness while sneezing in your elbow ;-) 

you will come out of lockdown in changing scenery, but should yo have symptoms before or during your stay, please let us know asap so that we can guarantee everyone's safety;

and finally, remember for childhood: "have you washed your hands?" 

Your wellbeing and safety is our priority !